Bhi - Arthritis Pain Relief - 100 Tablets

Bhi arthritis pain relief tablets uses a variety of natural ingredients to bring you product that may relieve join pain and stiffness from arthritis.Our tablets are made using traditional homeopathic principles.Each tablet dissolves completely in the mouth, eliminating the need to swallow.This bottle contains a 100 count of arthritis pain relief tablets.
country of origin :united states of america
size :100 tab
pack of :1
selling unit :each
ingredients :12x;30x;8x;berberis vulgaris 8x;bryonia alba 4x;causticum 8x;colocynthis 5x;dulcamara 6x;each tablet contains: *arnica montana;ferrum phosphoricum 12x;lactose;ledum palustre 6x;lycopodium clavatum 10x;magnesium stearate;radix 6x;ranunculus bulbosus 6x;rhododendron chrysanthum 8x;rhus toxicodendron 4x;sulphur 10x 15.8 mg each
keywords :dilution;homeopathic;ingredients;natural