Biobag 3 Gallon Compost-waste Bags - Case Of 12 - 25 Count

BioBags are the Alternative To Regular Plastic Bags. BioBags are certified compostable, meet ASTM 6400 and are made from a resin based on plant starches, vegetable oils and compostable polymers.BioBag 3 gallon Food Waste Bags take the mess out of cleaning the kitchen compost pail. It makes composting easy, convenient and easy to transport. They are also great for refrigerator food storage. BioBags ebreathee without leaking. This unique feature allows heat and moisture to evaporate, which keeps food efreshere longer. BioBag 3 gallon bags can also be used for smaller bathroom waste cans.
Ingredients :Mater-Bi (corn)
Country of origin :USA
Size :25 CT
Pack of :12

Product Selling Unit :case