Crystal Essence

Crystal Essence Mineral Deodorant Roll-on Pomegranate - 2.25 Fl Oz

Crystal Essence Mineral Deodorant Roll-On Pomegranate Description:
All Natural Protection
No Aluminum Chlorohydrate
Paraben Free
Safe for the Environment

Natural Deodorant Protection

Crystal essence Pomegranate, made of natural mineral salts and infused with the refreshing aroma of pomegranate, leaves an invisible protective barrier against odor-causing bacteria. A powerful antioxidant, pomegranate promotes skin regeneration. Crystal essence Pomegranate is long-lasting, non-sticky, non-staining and leaves no white residue.

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Ingredients :Purified Water, Natural Mineral Salts, Potassium Alum, Cellulose, Pomegranate Fragrance, Essential Oils and Extracts 58509 Body Spray Chamomile Green Tea - Purified Water, Natural Minerals Salts, Potassium Alum, Essentials Oils and Extracts
Country of origin :USA
Size :2.25 FZ
Pack of :1

Product Selling Unit :each