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Frontier Herb Cinnamon - Sticks - Whole - 2.75 In - Vera Aa Grade - Bulk - 1 Lb

Cinnamon sticks are flavorful and fun in mulled drinks and teas. (Serve each cup with its own cinnamon swirler.) Or combine them with allspice, cloves and ginger to make your own mulling spice. Botanical Name: Cinnamomum burmannii (Nees and T. Nees) Blume Product Notes: Whole cinnamon sticks for a flavorful, festive addition to warm drinks. Origin: Indonesia Kosher: KSA Certified Common Name: Cinnamon Sticks Plant Part: Bark Grade: Vera AA grade
Ingredients :Indonesian cinnamon sticks.
Country of origin :Indonesia
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Pack of :1

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