Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract Blood Pressure Health Formula 109 - 80 Capsules

Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract Blood Pressure Health Formula 109 Description:
Odorless Organic Garlic Supplement
Nattokinase, Suntheanine
Blood Pressure Health

Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract Blood Pressure Health Formula 109 begins with 100% organically grown garlic bulbs. Kyolic Formula 109 contains a unique and natural combination of Nattokinase and Suntheanine with Aged Garlic Extract to help relax and support healthy blood pressure through different pathways. Clinical studies have shown these ingredients can help support healthy blood pressure levels.

eAged Garlic Extract [200 mg]; Nattokinase (NSK-SD) [35 mg]; Suntheanine (L-Theanine) [12 mg] (per capsule).
eKYOLIC Aged Garlic Extract is made from garlic bulbs organically grown in accordance with the California Organic Foods Act of 1990. Due to its odorless nature, it is known as the Sociable Garlic.
eKYOLIC's effect against various risk factors of cardiovascular disease, among numerous other areas of cardiovascular support.
eNattokinase (NSK-SD) is a potent enzyme extracted and highly purified from a traditional Japanese food called Natto.
eSuntheanine is an amino acid (L-theanine) found almost exclusively in tea.
eKYOLIC Formula 109 may help maintain healthy blood pressure levels, as part of a healthy diet.

Free Of Sodium, yeast, dairy, preservatives, sugar, gluten, artificial colors or flavors. Disclaimer These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Ingredients :Aged garlic extract powder (bulb) 400 mg, nattokinase (NSK-SD) 70 mg, suntheanine (L-Theanine) 24 mg. Other ingredients gelatin, cellulose, silica and magnesium stearate (vegetable sourch). Nattokinase derived from soybeans.
Gluten Free :Yes
Dairy Free :Yes
Yeast Free :Yes
Wheat Free :Yes
Size :80 CAP
Pack of :1

Product Selling Unit :each