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Lewis Lab Over 40 - Adult - Original Unflavored - 16 Oz

Lewis Labs OVER 40 is a comprehensive supplement for the special needs of maturing adults and contains eight potent antioxidants - including CoQ10, which is believed to fight the aging process. CoQ10 has also been linked to protection against cancer and shown to slow Parkinson's and Multiple Sclerosis. Lewis Labs OVER 40 also contains our unique fiber formulation plus six enzymes and all the essential vitamins, minerals and proteins you need for an active lifestyle. Is this a hopeless dream or a realistic possibility? With the accelerating rate of scientific progress into the causes of aging, a much-extended healthy middle life is certainly realistic. We are already much further down the road to this happy objective than most people realize. In fact, current bio-nutritional knowledge, when properly applied, could already enable us to maintain vigor and vitality for many more years. The great strides we have made in treating the maladies of old age (after they have occurred) can indeed extend longevity but cannot restore the qualities of life that have already been stolen by infirmities. This is not the direction the new generation of bio-nutritionists chooses to take. They want to discover why age-associated maladies develop and how they can be blocked before they happen. This new science wants to find out what changes occur in the body as we grow older, what make these problems develop and how we can strengthen our bodies to fight these changes before they become major health problems. It is the significant progress being made on this scientific front that leads us to our optimistic expectation. We believe the present scientific thrust will not just tack a few years on the end of life but also significantly extend our prime years of healthy maturity. A major breakthrough in this scientific quest was the discovery of molecules circulating in the blood known as free radicals. They are believed to be the cause of, or at least a contributor to, a number of serious health problems. Free radicals are a class of highly corrosive oxidizing molecules that are fragmented and unstable. They have unattached electrons which cause them to attack cells in order to complete themselves. They react with essential biochemicals in the cells, rendering them useless or they modify the DNA in our cells which contain the program of cell reproduction. They can cause damage to collagen (the stuff which holds the body together) and to the elastin of the skin, thereby speeding its aging. Free radicals have been identified as a contributing factor in arthritis and are suspected of being the mechanism by which dormant cancer cells can become activated. A well-functioning immune system plays a pivotal role in controlling free radicals along with a myriad of other defensive capabilities. The immune system is controlled by the thymus gland. The enzymes it produces govern the production of white blood cells known as T cells which are the real fighters of the defense system. Unfortunately, the thymus is the first gland in the body to atrophy. It weighs 200-250 grams at birth, begins to shrink at puberty and has shriveled to only three grams by the sixth decade of life, having lost as much as 90% of its effectiveness. As our immune system weakens, the danger to our cells posed by free radicals increases. Fortunately, soon after the identification of free radicals and their destructive role in human health, it was discovered that a class of nutrients known as antioxidants could attract and destroy free radicals. These initially included Vitamins A (beta-carotene), B complex, C, E as well as zinc, selenium and a few others. They have the potential of backing up the apparent role of the immune system as its effectiveness decreases with age. The study of antioxidants is a major part of this new thrust by bio-nutritionists. Just a few years ago, no one had even heard of free radicals or antioxidants and nothing was known of their widespread impact on the human body. At that time, Lewis Laboratories introduced Lewis Labs OVER 40. The objective was to slow and limit the damage of age-associated degeneration. We were among the first to recognize the significance of the free radical/antioxidant connection and described Lewis Labs OVER 40 as a free radical scavenger. We were also among the first to educate the public on this important discovery. From the few antioxidants then recognized (Vitamins A, B, C, E and selenium), the list of substances known to have antioxidant properties has grown to hundreds, many of which have antioxidant properties effective to specific organs of the body. Many of these specialized antioxidants were discovered in herbs and herb extracts. The free radical/antioxidant discoveries, with all of their potential, are by no means the whole story of the formulation of Lewis Labs OVER 40. Another danger area as we grow older is the intestinal track and the colon. Here, nutrients are absorbed, vitamins manufactured and poisons deposited for disposal. The health of the body depends on the proper functioning of the intestines. A smooth flow must be maintained and a flora of friendly bacteria needed for its processes must remain present. To ensure a smooth even flow through the intestines, Lewis Labs OVER 40 provides a unique blend of grain, fruit and vegetable fiber. This unique combination does not interfere with the absorption of nutrients once they are broken down in the stomach. They also help control both diarrhea and constipation by maintaining an even flow and adequate bulk. Your intestines are also inhabited by several hundred species of micro-organisms, which help produce essential vitamins, maintain your body's vital chemical / hormone balance and guard against harmful bacteria, yeast and viruses. Principal among the group of friendly bacteria is acidophilus, the active ingredient in yogurt. Each portion of Lewis Labs OVER 40 contains one million of these important bacteria. Lewis Labs OVER 40 has been reformulated to take advantage of recent nutritional developments relating to mature health. It contains eight potent antioxidants, six enzymes, all essential vitamins, minerals and proteins and, of course, our special fiber blends. It also has standardized herb ingredients such as grape seed, ginkgo biloba and much more. Lewis Labs OVER 40 is a comprehensive nutritional supplement for the special needs of maturity. It is a pleasant tasting powder available in original Unflavored and Tropical Fruit flavor. Just mix with water or a juice of your choice. There is nothing comparable on the market. Its nutritional formula is good for people of any age and daily use is most beneficial for anyone approaching or over the age of 40. Lewis Labs OVER 40 contains no Trans Fat and is Gluten Free. Lewis Labs OVER 40 is available in 16 oz. (454 grams) containers and is sold by weight, not volume. Some settling may occur. Lewis Labs OVER 40 contains soy, psyllium seed and grapeseed extract.
Gluten Free :Yes
Size :16 OZ
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