Liddell Homeopathic

Liddell Homeopathic Liver Detox Spray - 1 Fl Oz

Liddell Homeopathic Liver Detox Spray Description:

Liver Detoxifier. Relieves symptoms of a Toxic Liver such as feelings of Fatique.

Doctor Formulated
Readily Absorbed - Safe - No Know Side Effects - Easy to Use
Scientifically Tested
20% Organic Alcohol

A natural oral spray to detoxify the liver, where most of the toxicity that enters our bodies each day is processed.

Detoxifies the liver and relieves symptoms of an over-worked or toxic liver such as feelings of fatigue.

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Ingredients :bryonja 200c, carduus mar 1x, chelidonium maj 200c, liver extract 6x, taraxacum 1x inorganic alcohol 30% v/v, purified water
Size :1 FZ
Pack of :1

Product Selling Unit :each