North American Herb And Spice

North American Herb And Spice Royal Power - 120 Capsules

Royal Power 120 capsules are the power of undiluted lypholyzed royal jelly fortified with wild rosemary and sage. This triple-strength (3x) royal jelly is dried under nitrogen to a raw powder. It is the highest source of the active ingredient 10-HDA, which is a rare hydroxy acid only found in royal jelly. To support a healthy hormone system Royal Power provides a host of nutrients, including amino acids, collagen, albumin, riboflavin, pyridoxine, and pantothenic acid, plus naturally occurring steroids, which are vastly needed by the adrenals. Camu camu provides a source of whole food vitamin C, which is lacking in royal jelly. Crushed, wild sage and rosemary offer synergistic powers for supporting healthy adrenals. This is the whole food way to take royal jelly capsules; ideally, take with Royal Oil, Purely-C, and Purely-B. The adrenals need the Royal Power nutrients/herbs for ideal support. Take in the morning and feel the difference all day long.
Ingredients :Proprietary Blend 1100 mg Wild Rosemary Wild Sage Royal Jelly (4-6% 10-HDA) Camu Camu (Natural Vitamin C)
Size :120 CAP
Pack of :1

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