Siddha Flower Essences

Siddha Flower Essences Heart - 1 Fl Oz

Although Sidda Heart is a subtle remedy, subtle does not mean weak. This is a powerful formula that can balance the heart.
Excellent for heavy eintellectuale types; people who are too much in their head and not enough in their heart. Sidda Heart may sometimes bring emotions to the surface but most of the time it helps one get into a good mental space, relaxed and open. In this regard it can be thought of as a more advanced version of Stress Relief.
Sidda Heart is the remedy of choice for practitioners and those interacting with lots of people on a daily basis. It can increase energy levels and help people not feel drained after working with many clients or customers. Although Sidda Heart increases sensitivity and intuition, it also helps create clearer boundaries so another's stress does not become your own.
Sidda Heart is also good for yoga practitioners who want more openness and flexibility in the chest. Temporarily relieves symptoms of:
Anxiety in heart
Uncertainty about ambitions
Soft pulse
Weakness of will Indications are based on homeopathic materia medica, not clinical tests.
Ingredients :Each dose contains equal parts of: Active Ingredient | Purpose Calc Fluor 12X HPUS | indecision Centaury 5X HPUS | weakness of will; inability to say no Fer Phos 12X HPUS | anxiety in the heart; soft pulse; confusion of mind Holly 5X HPUS | frequently feel offended or hurt Kali Phos 6X HPUS | exhaustion after moderate mental effort Mag Phos 12X HPUS | nervous palpitation, persistent depression of spirits Nat Mur 6X HPUS | heart feels constricted; fluttering pulse; melancholy; absence of mind Wild Oat 5X HPUS | uncertainty about ambitions The letters HPUS indicate that these ingredients are officially monographed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States. Inactive Ingredients: Bleeding Heart*, Milkmaids*, Natural Flavor, Phlox*, Pink Powder Puff*, Polylysine, Purified and Structured Water, Quinoa*, Rhubarb*, Rosa Castilian*, Rosa Macrophylla*, Rosa Primula*, Silversword*, Washington Lily*, Yellow Star Thistle*. *flower essence Warnings
Stop use and ask a doctor if symptoms persist or worsen
If pregnant or breast-feeding ask a health professional before use
Keep out of reach of children
Country of origin :USA
Gluten Free :Yes
Yeast Free :Yes
Wheat Free :Yes
Size :1 FZ
Pack of :1

Product Selling Unit :each