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Trp Ibs Therapy - 70 Capsules

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Therapy Fast Dissolving Tablets is a homeopathic product developed to relieve the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS) such as diarrhea, bloating, constipation, flatulence, irritability, abdominal pain, irregularity and cramping. For the 58 million Americans with IBS symptoms - this homeopathic formula assists the body's natural ability to relieve IBS symptoms.
Ingredients :Asafoetida Hpus 3X, 6x, 12x, 18x Bismuthum sub. Hpus 6x, 12x, 18x Bryonia Hpus 6x, 12x, 18x Carbo vegetabilis Hpus 6x, 12x, 18x Lycopodium Hpus 6x, 12x, 18x Natrum carbonicum Hupus 6x, 12x, 18x Nux vomica Hpus 6x, 12x, 18x Veratrum album Hpus 6x, 12x, 18xBloating, Cramping Irritation, inflammation Constipation Indigestion, Belching Diarrhea, Flatuance Stomach Ache Irritability Pain
Size :70 CAP
Pack of :1

Product Selling Unit :each